boys in gym
children's party

New lighting

We have approximately 50% more light in the gym. (No dark corners like some gyms!) Our lights are designed for use in gymnasiums and are protected both by metal guards as well as durable plastic sheaths around each fluorescent tube to ensure safety.

New scoreboards

Bradfordton Athletic Center has two WIRELESS scoreboards that are available for your games and practice. If you wish to use these, contact Jen ahead of time for instructions on use. (No additional charges)

New backboards and rims

All 6 baskets are brand new and only the best models were selected for your use. NOTE: If you wish to raise/lower the large mobile baskets, you must consult with Jen first!

Birthday Parties

Renting our facility is a great option for your next gathering. We require a two-hour minimum rental at just $75 per hour. This rate is base on 25 children and 5 adults; each additional child is $4.00 per person with a MAXIMUM of 40. Although we allow you to bring in your own food, NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed in the gym (except water). No outside balls or other equipment are to be brought into the Bradfordton Athletic Center unless prior approval is granted. Let us provide the space and equipment and you provide the fun!

For more information and how to book, contact Jen and fill out our party rental agreement.